Arduino Core

The Arduino Soft Core is the combination of the AVR8 Soft Processor and the Arduino IDE modified to run on the Papilio. This combination opens up the very large library of Arduino sketches for use with the Papilio.

Arduino IDE

The specially modified version of the Arduino IDE allows sketches to be loaded onto the AVR8 Soft Processor.

Papilio Arduino IDEIntegrates the Papilio Loader and AVR8 Soft Processor into the Arduino IDE to allow seamless usage of the Arduino IDE with the Papilio One.

AVR8 Soft Processor

The AVR8 source code is available at GitHub.


Synthesize your custom AVR8 Soft Processor, then upload sketches with the Arduino IDE.

AVR8 Source Code V1.6
AVR8 Source Code V1.5

Papilio Port Locations


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